The current situation

At the World level

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), in 2018, around 1.3 billion people are living with some form of visual impairment.

In far vision, 188.5 million people would be affected by mild visual impairment, 217 million by moderate to severe visual impairment and 36 million would be blind.

In addition, 826 million people live with visual impairment affecting near vision.

WHO estimates that 80% of these deficiencies are preventable.

In other words, it would be possible to avoid the problems associated with visual impairment for nearly a billion people (or one in seven people in the world!): A major challenge!

In addition, 82% of blind people and 65% of people with partial or total blindness are over the age of 50. In other words, older age groups are more affected by this problem. This phenomenon is accentuated in particular with the increase in life expectancy and the aging of the world population.

In France

In France, we estimate that 1.2 million people are visually impaired, including 170,000 children. Among all these people, 61,000 are blind, including 2,000 children.

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