Background and objectives

The main objective of “Music4VIP” is to facilitate access to music information for the visually impaired and to promote the use of musical Braille by blind students as part of integrated schooling. The different educational resources built within the framework of the project can be used by teachers in the care of a blind student. The online musical score transcription modules can be used either by teachers to provide resources that can be used directly by their blind students or by the students themselves. The scores thus transcribed can be read by BMR (Braille Music Reader) which is a free downloadable software which allows you to read the musical score in different forms (Braille, audio, oral) and which is fully accessible by a blind user. using a screen reader.


  • IRi.Fo.R. (Institute for research, training and social reintegration) – founded in 1991 by the “Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired” (UICI).
  • Conservatory of Padua “Pollini Cesare”
  • Arca progetti SRL, Verona
  • EKMS – Edwin Kowalik Music Society, Warsaw
  • New College Worcester (
  • University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, ESPE Toulouse Midi Pyrénées
  • IRIT – Toulouse Institute for Information Technology
  • IJA – Institute for Young Blind People

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