Barcode readings


For many years, visually impaired people have used specific tools which allow them to tackle problematic situations: magnifying glasses or zoom systems allow for example to read texts, scanners allow to digitize text content in order to synthesize it into speech. , other tools can identify colors or detect light.
Through these few examples, we can see that the visually impaired are likely to carry many tools at all times to meet different needs. The budget necessary to acquire all these tools quickly becomes substantial.
According to the report made at the IJA, visually impaired people are turning more and more to the use of smartphones, despite some reluctance on the use of the touch screen. The insertion of suitable tools on certain phones has made it possible to democratize these smartphones for the visually impaired. However, the cost of these devices remains significant, which does not make the product accessible to everyone.


The general objective of this project is to design a bunch of Android applications that improve the autonomy of visually impaired users. The applications developed will have to meet needs identified by the visually impaired themselves and therefore lead to the resolution of a problematic situation.
A first analysis was carried out in order to take into account the needs and specificities of visually impaired Smartphone users.
The first application popular with users is a barcode reader application. This application will allow visually impaired people to know the title of a book or DVD, the content of a tin can or a prepared dish, the average price of these objects, points of sale, and even the presence of allergens in the composition if necessary.

A first prototype was produced in 2014. Preliminary tests have shown improved usability and great satisfaction for visually impaired users. This application will soon be tested with several IJA users.

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