Accessible Comic


As part of the activities of the “Seeking to See” research laboratory 1, reflections on the accessibility of graphic representations for blind or partially sighted people are being carried out. Among the different areas covered, we can cite geographic maps, illustrated books and textbooks.

A new line of thought, launched in parallel with the work mentioned above, is the accessibility of comics. Indeed, a certain number of specific initiatives exist, however the number of accessible comic books remains very limited, and their use has never been evaluated.


This questionnaire was written to better assess the current situation regarding the use of comics by blind or partially sighted people. Three aspects were addressed: (1) the use of computers, smartphones and tablets by people with visual impairments, (2) access, use and reading preferences for physical or digital books, and (3) reading comics and the interest of participants in our research project on the accessibility of comics.

The full description is accessible through the link below (in French).

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