Our goals

The technologies developed are focused on the issue of accessibility, a factor of autonomy. This notion is to be understood in its broadest vision.

The projects thus relate to the questions of :

  • Accessibility of the environment: orientation and mobility, access to buildings and transport, scene description, location and identification of people and objects …
  • The accessibility of information, especially digital: indeed, in essence, digital information (documents, maps, drawings, etc.) is often represented visually. It is necessary to make it accessible with technologies adapted to visual impairment. In addition, the lack of tactile markers (buttons) on new devices can lead to more accessibility issues. It is important to make these new technologies accessible to the visually impaired.
  • Access to education and training by offering new adapted educational tools.
  • Access to culture and leisure by offering accessible applications and games.

These issues represent daily obstacles that reduce autonomy and participation in citizenship. Our goal is to restore accessibility in all its forms: to the city, to knowledge, to culture and to leisure.

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