As individuals, you can also support research by making a donation or a bequest to the “Cherchons pour voir” laboratory.

Make a donation

It’s simple and quick, and it entitles you to a tax reduction in income tax of up to 66% of the donation amount up to a limit of 20% of your income.

Examples :

  • I donate 20€, it really only costs me 6.80€!
  • I donate 50€, it really only costs me 17€!
  • I donate 200€, it really only costs me 68€!

To make a donation, just click on this link, it’s very simple! You will automatically receive proof allowing you to declare the donation in your taxes.

Make a legacy or donation

You can also make a legacy, donation or take out life insurance to support research:

The legacy allows you to transmit all or part of your property (movable or immovable) by will. The transmission of the property will take place upon your death.

Life insurance is a savings contract, the amount of which can be paid in part or in full at the laboratory, if you designate it as beneficiary.

Donation is the arrangement by which you irrevocably give property. This act is done before a notary.

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