“Handi’cap on the difference” Festival

On Thursday 10 October, the “Cherçons pour voir” laboratory was invited to present its research work as part of the “Handi’cap on difference” festival dedicated this year to the visually impaired.

The newspaper “La Dépêche” devoted an article to it which we are happy to share with you.

“The 4th edition of the” Handi’Cap on difference “festival has accomplished its mission:” to break down received ideas about disability “. Organized as part of the” Fête de la Science “, the festival took place over 2 days in the town of Rieumes. The “Association AVS des Ecoles Enfant” (AEAE), the association “Les Chemins Buissonniers” and the Lycée d’Enseignement Professionnal Rural Privé (LEPRP) “Le Savès” offered to the general public and for schoolchildren a program around the theme of blindness and visual impairment. On the program: conference on the subject of assistive technologies aimed at improving the autonomy, accessibility and quality of life of people with and without disabilities. clairvoyants (scientific laboratory “Cherrons pour Voir”), hiking with associations “Rando Rieumes”, “Rieumes running”, “AJH”, “National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired” (UNADEV) and LEPRP “Le Savès”, blind meal; a sensory workshops with UNADEV and handisport with Stade Toulousain Handisport. We will note the enthusiasm of the participants for the knowledge and discoveries presented by the different actors of the festival. A particular mention for the young people of the college and the lycée of Rieumes who “showed a great curiosity and a remarkable interest for each of the proposed workshops”, confided to us one of the animators of UNADEV “.

We would like to warmly thank the association “Les chemin Buissonniers” for their invitation and for their hospitality.

Link to the article in the newspaper “La Dépêche” here.

The team “Cherchons pour voir”

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