Job offer: responsible for innovative projects


The proposed position consists of ensuring three sets of activities :

  • Engineering and project management in the “Cherçons pour Voir” laboratory, in collaboration with research laboratories, companies, professionals with visual impairments, and people with visual impairments.
  • IT infrastructure management and IT assistance to IJA professionals.
  • Technological monitoring and training of professionals on new technologies.


“Cherchons pour Voir” is a joint laboratory between IRIT (Toulouse Institute for Computer Science Research, piloted by CNRS and the University of Toulouse) and CESDV-IJA (Center for Special Education for the Visually Impaired – IJA) . CPV’s goal is to create new assistive technologies for the visually impaired but also educational technologies for special education teachers. Some of these technologies are used in classrooms [1], deployed in events (for example the interactive tactile map for the Ramonville street festival), or transferred to private partners.


  • Engineering of research and innovation projects
    • Project management (writing, management, reporting)
    • Professional needs analysis
    • Watch over tenders
  • IT infrastructure management and user support
    • Develop and monitor the budget of an investment plan
    • Being in contact with the various providers
    • Manage IT and telephony equipment
    • Provide support to professionals and users
  • Services
    • Analyze a request and collect the needs necessary for its realization
    • Participate in writing the offer
    • Coordinate the delivery of the service in close collaboration with the IJA professionals (locomotion instructor, transcriptionist-document adapter, trainer, teacher, …)
  • Training
    • Train and support IJA teachers in the use of new tools from research projects
    • Create and run training sessions on these new tools for professionals with visual impairment in France
  • Scientific activities and technological watch
    • Design and evaluation of new assistance or educational tools
    • Technological monitoring of developments in the field
    • Report writing
    • Supervision of interns and doctoral students
  • Communication and scientific publications
    • Participation in the writing of professional and academic publications
    • Presentation of projects in national and international conferences and conferences
    • Create and lead events (workshops, conferences, etc.)
    • Management of “Cherchons pour voir” communication tools (website, twitter, lists, etc.)


  • Required
    • Expertise in project engineering and innovation
    • Good teamwork and interpersonal skills
    • Excellent written and oral communication
    • Knowledge of communication tools (web, Twitter, etc.)
    • Computer skills (Windows, MS Office, vector design, Android, etc.)
  • Desired
    • Knowledge of visual impairment and the professions of visual impairment
    • Knowledge of assistive technologies for the visually impaired
    • Rapid prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino electronic boards, etc.)
    • Knowledge of participatory design and evaluation methods


The position is a full-time permanent contract which can start at the earliest. The salary level will depend on the qualifications and seniority of the candidate. The main place of work is the CESDV-IJA, Toulouse.

Contact and application

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